Cyrusher Ripple Puts Large Knobby Tires and a Motor on a Snowboard to Ride It at Over 30 Mph

Does the world need an electric snowboard? We don’t know. We guess, people asked the same question the first time someone made an electric skateboard, an electric surfboard, or even an electric bicycle. Time will tell whether the world actually needs one. In the meantime, we have the Cyrusher Ripple to help us answer that question.

That’s right, the electric snowboard is finally here and, oddly enough, it’s not a snowboard outfit that’s bringing it to life. Instead, it’s made by e-bike outfit Cyrusher, so we’re not entirely sure how well this will be received by the snowboarding community. It should be fun to try, though, especially if you can get it as a rental just to see how it feels to take it through both snow and crud.

The Cyrusher Ripple is a traditional camber snowboard with a true twin shape that would look like any standard board from back in the day. Measuring 5.1-foot long, it’s supposedly meant for use by riders between 5’3” and 6’2” in height, making it suitable for most adult riders. Construction is a combination of fiberglass, carbon, and composite wrapped around a wood core, which sounds pretty standard for a conventional snowboard.

For all intents and purposes, in fact, it seems like a traditional snowboard. Except… you know… it’s got a giant knobby tire in the rear that’s designed for traction and grip out in the snow, along with a 3000W electric motor that propels it at speeds of over 30 mph. According to the outfit, the motor is powerful enough to let you tackle uphill terrains, so you can use it to climb up slopes much faster instead of having to laboriously do that all on your own.

The Cyrusher Ripple’s motor is hooked up to a 12.6Ah battery that, unfortunately, isn’t small enough to actually install right on the board. Instead, it’s powered by a large battery pack that you need to carry on a backpack while it’s hooked up to the motor, so you’re going to be tethered to the board the entire time. The battery is rated to  offer a range between nine and 12 miles, so this will strictly be for short rides, rather than extended backcountry touring. Riders control the speed using a handheld throttle. An integrated dual-sided suspension system handles bumps and vibrations to keep your ride stable, complete with an adjustable design that lets you dial in the riding feel to your exact liking. You can also adjust the wheel to be higher or lower to find whichever works best for each terrain and riding condition.

Will this thing be fun? Truth be told, we have no idea. Their promo video below isn’t really all that exciting. However, if it does deliver on the claims, then it does seem like a promising device. Hopefully, we can see more videos of the thing in action on actual deep powder, so we can have a better idea of how this actually looks when ridden by a proper pro.

The Cyrusher Ripple is now listed for preorder on the outfit’s website. Price is $3,299 for a board, two battery modules, and bindings.

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