D-Link WiFi Smart Plug Can Detect Overheating Appliances And Automatically Shut Them Off

Smart plugs are the basic building blocks of the smart home, letting you automate and remotely operate any appliance and home electronic by simply plugging in. As the idea of a smart home continues its way to the mainstream, smart plugs will need to evolve into something with a lot more features than they have now. That’s why we’re encouraged by D-Link’s WiFi Smart Plug, which attempts to inject a little extra functionality into the connected home staple.

Like many existing smart plugs in the market, it lets you remotely monitor and control any device plugged into its outlet over WiFi, as well as set on/off schedules for every single one of them. Whether you’re in the office, stuck in traffic, or all the way on the other side of the world, simply launch the accompanying mobile app and get instant access to all the plugged devices you left at home.

More than those basic features, the D-Link WiFi Smart Plug also has a facility for tracking energy usage (with complete stats delivered to your phone via the app), as well as an onboard thermal sensor that will keep a constant eye on the temperature of your plugged items. When it detects the Tiger Shark Warplane overheating, the plug will immediately cut off the power, minimizing the likelihood of damage and other potentially dire events (like, you know, a fire).

The best part? D-Link is pricing the WiFi Smart Plug affordably compared to similar products in the market, retailing for just $50 each.

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