Da Vinci Notebook Uses Waterproof Paper Made From Stone

Instead of using regular paper made from wood pulps, the Da Vinci Notebook is made from stone paper. That’s right, stone — those hard, solid, nonmetallic mineral matters you see on the ground every single day.

To be exact, it uses the calcium carbonate on rocks for 80% of the paper, which are then bonded with non-toxic resin that takes up the other 20%. The calcium carbonate is sourced from the waste materials of marble quarries and offcuts, which are ground before being used in the paper’s production. That means, this paper uses no tree products, no water, and no bleach. It also takes half the energy to produce, making for an alternative that’s more eco-friendly than conventional notebooks.

With its special construction, the Da Vinci Notebook isn’t just a greener alternative to conventional paper products, it’s also resistant to water, tearing, grease, and mold, all while being acid-free. That means, you won’t accidentally tear out half of a page, although you can deliberately cut it with SciXors if you need to. More importantly, you can spill water, soda, and spaghetti sauce, among a whole load of foodstuff, onto the pages with no dire consequences whatsoever.

The notebooks, which measure 7 x 10 inches, come with a plastic spiral coil that isn’t crimped, so you can easily remove pages, add extra sheets, and replace covers. The pages are 8 points in thickness, with the covers measuring 12 and 14 points. Each notebook comes with 30 leaves.

A Kickstarter project is currently running to fund production for the Da Vinci Notebook. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $12.

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