Daddle Saddle Turns Dads Into A Loveable Pony


As fathers, most of us figuratively break our backs trying to provide for our children. Just in case you don’t feel it’s enough of a sacrifice, you can, literally, break your back for your kids, too, by playing with them using the Daddle Saddle.

A literal dad saddle, you strap it to your back to instantly transform yourself into a rideable pony (just add Horse Head Mask for best results). Get down on all fours, let your kid hop on, and take them to a pony ride across the landscape of your four-bedroom suburban abode. Yes, this absurdity actually exists on earth.

Made by Cashel, the Daddle is designed to turn grown-ass men into a beast of burden, willing to ferry their young from the living room (where they were watching TV) to the kitchen (so they can grab one of your homemade sodas) to the bathroom (because the soda made them want to take a tinkle). Yeah, this is beginning to not sound fun, at all.

Anyway, the Daddle is, basically, a toy horse saddle with a cantle and pommel assembly, just like you wear on ponies when you’re going to ride them across the field. It even comes with adjustable stirrups, saddle horn, and latigo strap, so it’s really close to the actual thing. Fortunately, it’s made from soft materials, complete with squishy stuffing, so it won’t scrape your back (aside from breaking it) whatsoever during your hours of play.

Oh yeah, make sure to read the comment section on Amazon for the Daddle’s listing. Half of it is even more absurd than this thing. Price is $39.95.

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