Daddy Mojo Cigar Box Guitars: Recycled Vintage Bodies, Unique Bluesy Sound


Tired of the same old Fenders and Les Pauls for satiating your musical hunger?  Try working your fretboard-fidgetry on this: Daddy Mojo’s awesome Cigar Box Guitars.

Six-stringers sporting reverberators made out of recycled cases isn’t anything new.   Heck, soldiers have been making it as a low-cost DIY instrument since the American Civil War.  Since small cigar boxes showed up on the scene in the mid-1800s, they’ve been the homemade guitar bodies of choice for cash-strapped musicians who couldn’t fork up the expense for a polished, factory-built instrument.


Daddy Mojo produces handcrafted acoustic guitars, all of which are made directly from their workshop in Montreal, Canada.  Each instrument is smaller and lighter than regular axes, with the ability to play that unique warm tone that makes them a favorite among blues aficionados.


They currently have seven models on their roster (Standard, Dolarosa, Cyclops, 6-String, 5-String, Stove Pipe and F-Hole), all of which are equipped with a piezo pick-up for amplification.   You can also ask for specific builds using any of 16 vintage cedar and mahogany cigar boxes they have on stock, along with a choice of materials for the necks and fingerboards (yep, you wont have to settle for a broomstick like the old-school guys did).  According to Daddy Mojo, each of the instruments bring their own sound to the table, apart from looking terrific with their unusual designs.

Price for each Daddy Mojo Cigar Box Guitar ranges between $265 to $735, which are pretty amazing for the kinds of materials they use.  All of the pre-built models are available online directly from their website.

Check out the video below to see one of their instruments in action.

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