Celebrate Daft Punk’s Newest Album With This Replica Helmet

Daft Punk’s latest album, Random Access Memories, just dropped this week.  And while I’ve quit buying music for a long time now (between streaming services, free internet radio and YouTube, buying songs is just overkill for me), the occasion definitely makes lusting for this replica Daft Punk Helmet very appropriate.

Created by Etsy seller Mauricio Santoro, it’s a true-to-life recreation of Daft Punk member Thomas Bangalter’s crazy sci-fi-quality headgear.  That way, you can hit the clubs pretending to be that one dude from Daft Punk — just learn a few French phrases, act really stuck-up, and you’ll be making out with girls while wearing a helmet (we have no idea how that works, but we’ll let you figure it out) in no time.

The Daft Punk Helmet is constructed from urethane plastic with a shiny chrome finish, ensuring you look like a crazy robot character in case folks around your town miss the Daft Punk reference.   It comes with a tinted Lexan visor and a detachable LED message scroller (programmable from a PC) that you can set up under it.  Set includes a pair of chromed glove plates and a black balaclava (of course, you can always wear your own Skully Balaclava), so you can cover up your neck to get that fully-shut mysterious swag.  The current helmets only fit medium heads, though, so half-alien, half-human hybrids with oversized skulls are out of luck.

Do note, these Daft Punk Helmets are fan tributes rather than authorized replicas, so there’s nothing official about them.  Still, the darn things look awesome.  They’re available now, priced at $500.

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