Your Bathroom Can Now Look Like A Sad, Desolate Planet With The Dagobah Shower Curtain


When your home’s bathroom is in excellent condition, it makes you want to take long showers and extended stays staring in the mirror by the bathroom sink (after you swept all the fog, of course). Unfortunately, not all homes are quite as blessed. Some bathrooms are actually rotting, with broken tiles, filthy surfaces, and walls that look like they can fall if a pipe bursts or something. The Dagobah Shower Curtain is perfect for those less-than-ideal conditions.

A curtain resembling the planet Yoda inhabited during his exile, it’s filled with graphics of swamps and forests that recreate its never-ending stretches of harsh and humid marshlands — a sight that’s definitely as depressing as your home’s run-down bathroom. With this thing hanging from your shower rod, your bathroom will still absolutely suck, but you can, at least, imagine you’re in a different planet where you stand alone as the sole intelligent life.


The Dagobah Shower Curtain measures 72 x 72 inches (h x w), ensuring it can cover the entire width of your bath area, so it will feel like you’re entering a jungle as soon as you step into the tub. Even better, it gives you the perfect excuse to refuse to fix up the rest of the bathroom, since flooded floors, dripping ceilings, and moss growing on your walls just makes the scene much more real and immersive. And while dirty underwear, used condoms, and packaging refuse strewn all over the floor don’t really help recreate the Dagobah aesthetic, you can just imagine they’re some kind of space debris that somehow made its way to this sad and desolate planet.

Available now, the Dagobah Shower Curtain is priced at $24.99.

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