Daily Mail + Tiger Woods + The Cigar Guy Equals Best Fake Pic You Will See Today?

Photo Courtesy: Daily Mail

Why is Daily Mail messing with us? Is it April 1st in UK?

This news article reports Tiger Woods inadvertently taking aim at cameraman Mark Pain at Ryder Cup. Mark was actually able to capture the shot of the actual golf ball heading for the camera lens. But this is like somebody shooting you in the leg so you would forget about the pain from the bullet wound in the head. I don’t know what is more fake here, the golf shot or the guy with mustache and stogi in the back.

Why do we care? Because for a split second, they had us fooled. I was thinking that this is a great shot until I saw Cheech in the back.  Now I am not so sure anymore. Lets say the golf shot is true, but how about the guy in the back. Is he also real? If this pic is not photoshopped, I say we have the sports shot of the year winner.

See for your self and decide.