Waste Hours Crafting A Perfect High Bar Routine On This Japanese Gymnastics Toy


Unless you have some serious athleticism and a good amount of training, performing crazy spinning tricks on a gymnastics high beam is far from the easiest thing in the world. Fortunately, the only skills you need to work this Daisharin Tetsubo-Kun is the ability to press a couple of buttons, allowing you reenact your favorite horizontal bar routines with nothing more than good, old button-mashing.

Made by Takara Tomy, it consists of a miniature high bar with two buttons and an accompanying gymnast action figure. Place the gymnast on the bar and press one of the buttons to get the figure spinning, then press the other one to trigger a dismount once your routine is finished. No high levels of upper body strength, feats of athleticism, or well-honed skills necessary – a few well-timed taps is all you need to put in a performance worthy of a winning score.


The Daisharin Tetsubo-Kun doesn’t really offer a lot of room for fancy tricks, so you’re stuck with basic swinging and spinning movements. Much of the fun, though, happens at the dismount, as you work to release your gymnast at just the right time, in order to hit a perfect landing. It comes with an accompanying dismount mat that’s designed to hold the action figure in place when you manage to stick the landing feet-first. And, yes, sticking the landing is designed to be quite the challenging affair.

Available now, the Daisharin Tetsubo-Kun is priced at $64.

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