Dakboard Wall Display v2 Puts A Digital Calendar For Homes And Offices


Our phones can display our calendars well enough that most people have given up on traditional calendars that you hang on a wall. Heck, our phones are even more versatile, as the darn thing can show your schedule in a variety of layouts that you can customize according to your liking. Except, you know, some people still find it more convenient to look at a calendar mounted on a wall in their bedroom, living room, or office. The Dakboard Wall Display v2 does that with the same versatility as the phone in your pocket.

The second version of the outfit’s wall-mounted calendar display, it’s, basically, a wall-mounted monitor that you can use to display all sorts of information. We know, you can do that by hooking up a TV to a small computer. With an integrated CPU, though, and a companion app, this streamlines the whole process of using a dedicated display at home, whether for visualizing your monthly schedule, listing all upcoming events, or displaying any custom message.


The Dakboard Wall Display v2 is a 24-inch IPS display with 1080p resolution, so it should be able to display any information at a large enough size without taking up too much space on the wall. Display details include a 16:9 aspect ratio, a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and 16.78 million colors. An integrated Raspberry Pi 3B provides the necessary processing muscle, while built-in stereo speakers allow it to play audio alerts and reminders for those times you’ve, somehow, forgotten you have a scheduled meeting coming up in half an hour. It comes with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet for connectivity.

It’s compatible with any online calendar service, including Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Facebook Events, and Microsoft Office365, as well as any ICS files if you’re using other apps for all your calendar needs. Multiple calendar layouts are available, complete with customizable colors so you can highlight what you need, with a versatile agenda view that lets it display more specific items such as upcoming events, conference room schedules, and meeting room bookings.


The Dakboard Wall Display v2 can also serve as a digital photo frame that you can connect to any photo sharing service, including Flickr, Google Photos, Dropbox, Instagram, Bing, and iCloud Photos, with support for other websites, so long as you’re willing to fiddle with the settings. Want to use it for signage? That works, too, as you can customize any information on the display via the app, so you can use it to show the office directory in a building, a price list for your store, or the menu at a restaurant.

Other use-case options available from the app include using it as a digital weather station, a dashboard for your to-do list, or a convenient news source (just punch in your favorite RSS feeds). And, yes, you can display multiple items at a time, so you can have it showing your calendar, the weather, and some choice RSS feeds at the same time.

The Dakboard Wall Display v2 is priced at $349.95.

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