Dakine Sleeve Turns Any 5-Gallon Bucket Into A Handy Cooler For Your Beach Parties


Remember the Bucket Boss, which lets you turn an erstwhile plastic bucket into a handy tool bag? Well, the Dakine Party Bucket takes the same basic idea, but instead of adding pockets for tools, they threw in compartments sized to hold cans and bottles of your favorite party libations.

Designed for use with those same plastic buckets from the hardware store, it transforms any ordinary pail into a handy party cooler. Whether for tailgating in a parking lot, spending an afternoon at the beach, or enjoying a Friday night at a jobsite (just stay away from the ledges), this thing serves as a handy central station for all your beverages.


The Dakine Party Bucket is a sleeve that wears over any standard five-gallon bucket, turning it into a handy cooler with multiple exterior pockets. While any bucket can be used as a makeshift party cooler, this thing adds a lid to the proceedings, so you can keep your stash of beer and ice covered up on the way to the beach. Eight of the outside pockets are intended to serve as insulated koozies that folks in the party can use as cupholders, with a larger pocket sized to hold a wine bottle and a similarly-sized zippered pocket to hold any supplies you bring along. Features include an integrated bottle opener and a zippered pocket under the lid for snacks. It comes in three colorways.


Available directly from Dakine, the Party Bucket is priced at $55.

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