With Slots For Passports, Hotel Keys, And More, Dango’s P02 Pioneer Should Make For A Better Travel Wallet


It’s probably not the kind of wallet you’ll want to use every day. If you’re traveling, though, the Dango P02 Pioneer Travel Wallet is exactly the kind of gear you’ll want to have within easy reach at all times.

Designed to accommodate the kind of things you tend to carry when you’re traveling, it makes room for much more than the cash and cards (and card-sized Tetris game) you normally walk around with in your everyday life. Whether you’re a business traveler who regularly visits major international cities, a backpacker exploring exotic locales, or just some dude who enjoys a holiday every once in a while, this wallet should provide the necessary slots to hold all the gear you’ll need to have around.


The Dango P02 Pioneer Travel Wallet is a checkbook-style wallet with a clasp closure, so the contents won’t accidentally fall off when you’re not paying attention. Like any proper wallet, there’s slots for a small wad of cash and up to 10 cards, as well as a zippered outside pocket for holding change, so you can keep all your coins in a single place. Unlike most wallets, though, it has pockets for accommodating up to two passports, SD cards, a hotel key, a small notebook, and even a pen, with some of the larger pockets able to accommodate any documents you need to carry (just fold them). The pen slot, by the way, is accessible whether the wallet is opened or closed, allowing you to easily take out the pen and put it back without having to unclasp the opening.

Like many wallets today, it’s RFID protected, so no one can steal your cards’ details from right under your nose, ensuring it provides the necessary protection our modern times require. One of the larger interior pockets, by the way, can be used to hold a smartphone (up to 5.7 x 2.8 inches, height x width), in case you’d rather keep your valuables all in one place.


At 4.25 x 6.5 inches, the The Dango P02 Pioneer Travel Wallet is just the right size to fit in most pants’ back pocket, albeit in a way that will stick out the top the way any checkbook wallet does. If you’d rather not keep it in an undersized pocket, it has two anchor points that you can use to hang it on a carabiner on your belt loop or your bag, with the option to attach the included strap, so you can wear it across your torso like an EDC pouch.


The wallet’s clasp closure, by the way, also doubles as a multi-tool, with its ability to serve as a chisel, a bottle opener, a quarter-inch hex socket, a flat head screwdriver, and a Phillips screwdriver. Construction is DTEX for the wallet, which gives it a sleek yet rugged appearance. It’s also water-resistant and scratch-resistant, ensuring it will keep your cash, cards, and other valuables dry while looking good for the long-term.

Want one? The Dango P02 Pioneer Travel Wallet is available now, priced at $99.

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