Danish Fuel’s Repurposed Jerry Can Products Look Surprisingly Stylish

We’ve seen people do plenty of creative things with refurbished jerry cans.  Danish Fuel’s numerous creations made out of the classic German container, however, easily slide into my list of favorites.

In all, the outfit creates three types of products from salvaged jerry cans: a Bar Cabinet, a Bathroom Cabinet, and a Trolley.  To make them, each erstwhile throwaway can is sliced open, cut according to their repurposed function, burnt in an oven for 24 hours (to remove old paint and rust), sandblasted, and finished with a wear-resistant coat before being assembled into their final form.

The Danish Fuel Bar Cabinet has a door that folds down at the front of the jerry can, revealing a shelf system sized to hold a few bottles of liquor, along with accompanying glassware.  The door sits perpendicular to the base like a drawbridge, allowing you to use it as a makeshift table for setting down your glass while pouring a stiff drink.    The Bathroom Cabinet, on the other hand, has a door that opens sideways, revealing a mirror at the back of the door and a shelving system for toiletries on the main compartment.  Both cabinets can be equipped with your choice of ash, walnut, wood and white laminate, or wood and black laminate for the shelves.  The Trolley, designed for ferrying luggage, has a front door that opens to the side with a bare main compartment.

Each handcrafted Danish Fuel Jerry Can Product comes with an accompanying certificate of authenticity.  Price is $399 for all items.

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