Dark Horse Fallout Figures Gives Fans of the Show Statues of Lucy, Maximus, and The Ghoul

Who’s your favorite character from the Fallout series? Chances are, your answers will fall into one of three choices. There’s Lucy MacLean, the vault dweller who decided to leave Vault-Tec’s safe confines to find her kidnapped father. There’s Maximus, a goofy member of the Brotherhood of Steel who seems to have an uncanny ability to continually fail his way towards success. And there’s the Ghoul, a ruthless bounty hunter whose irradiated body has left him in a semi-immortal half-human state. Regardless of which one you choose, you can show them off as part of your toy collection with these Dark Horse Fallout Figures.

No, these aren’t action figures. Instead, these are fixed display statues of each character, all of them standing in an action pose that looks like it was lifted straight out of the show. Sure, it’s not as fun as articulated action figures, but these make for amazing display pieces that can help you relive all sorts of fun moments from the Wastelands.

The Dark Horse Lucy Figure depicts the character after she wreaked havoc in the Super Duper Mart and found Maximus stuck in a power armor without a fusion core. As such, she’s decked in a blood-soaked white tank top with her jacket around her waist, Pip-Boy on the wrist, and gun firmly in hand, with a dead radroach on her feet (she just killed a bunch of them). The figure stands 7.5 inches tall, with a 5-inch diameter base.

The Dark Horse Maximus Figure, on the other hand, shows the scribe-turned-knight decked in his stolen T-60 Power Armor (it still has the claw marks out front) with both hands wrapped around a rifle. We can’t remember exactly where the scene is from, but he’s got a fallen log and some grass at his feet. Hopefully, he’s got a fusion core this time around, so he’s not stuck in that position for the rest of time (well… maybe he is). The armored head is removable, by the way, allowing you to swap in Maximus’ included head in its place. It stands an imposing 10 inches tall, with an 8-inch diameter base.

Lastly, the Dark Horse Ghoul Figure depicts Cooper Howard in his post-nuclear apocalypse persona, with his rotting flesh, missing nose, and Wild West outfit that looks straight out of Red Dead Redemption. He is shown in a classic gunslinger pose, gun in hand, with an ammo-filled bandolier and his tattered trench coat being whisked to the side by the wind. It stands eight inches tall, with a 5-inch diameter base.

The Dark Horse Fallout Figures are all made from PVC, with each one individually hand-painted, so these get plenty of nice details. The two smaller figures weight five pounds each, while the larger Maximus statue tips the scales at a heavier eight pounds.

The Dark Horse Fallout Figures are all available separately, with the Lucy and Ghoul figures retailing for $59.99 and the Maximus figure going for $69.99. This is only preorders, by the way, with deliveries slated to happen in the fourth quarter of the year (just in time for the holidays).

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