The Dark Knight Utility Pouch Replica Holds Your Bat-Gadgets

Donning a Batman suit to a night out is a terrible idea.  Yes, no matter how much you want to be Batman.  For an equally awesome compromise, try this: The Dark Knight Utility Pouch.

Created by UD Replicas, it’s a belt bag of sorts, fashioned to look like the caped crusader’s utility belt.  It probably won’t go around the loops on your jeans (we guess it could if you have custom pants, though), but should look mighty awesome wrapped around your waist.  See, you’re just like Batman, only without the Halloween costume.

The Dark Knight Utility Pouch is made from cow hide, with a polished bronze finish and silver dash accents, making it look more metallic than your usual leather accessory.   For even more realism, it features chrome studs in varying sizes, leather connection links, adjustable leather belt buckles and a rubber die-cast center dial.

You can’t have a Batman belt without slots for your gear and, of course, it has them, too.  It comes with five, in fact – one large pouch with a velcro enclosure  (for your phone), one small pouch (for your keys and stuff) and three cylindrical pouches (for your lipstick and Chap Stick… errr… bullets).  All the pouches are removable and made from cow hide leather with the same metallic bronze finish.

If you ever wanted to rock Batman’s utility belt, I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything close to The Dark Knight Utility Pouch.  It’s available in a range of sizes and is currently on preorder for $149, with only 750 scheduled to be made.  Sales close on November 30, with deliveries coming in early 2011.

[UD Replicas via ChipChick]