Darwin BBQ Puts A Grill Inside A Portable Case

Steadfast in your hate for disposable grills, but still want an extremely portable alternative?  You might want to check out the Darwin BBQ, a portable lightweight grilling machine that conveniently folds into a rectangular briefcase about the size of a very thick laptop.

When opened, the collapsible cooking equipment reveals a two-layer triangular grill, with a steel grid on top and a removable ash pan below.  The unconventional shape should make cooking large skewers of kebab a pain, but sausages and burgers (retail page says there’s enough space to cook up to four beef patties at a time) should sit there grilling without much trouble.

The Darwin BBQ is a portable outdoor cooking equipment that measures a convenient 11.8 x 2.4 x 8.2 inches when folded.   Made from durable steel, it comes with a clip-on lock that secures the case when closing and a carry handle for easy portability.

Hate having to clean your portable grill before slipping it in the car to head home?  Not a problem here.  Just dump the ashes in the trash, put the pan back on and close it up – no dirt on the upholstery and you can worry about washing it later.

Sure, the Darwin BBQ’s no match for the convenience of a disposable grill.  It’s still relatively hassle-free compared to conventional portable grills, though, and you don’t have to buy a new one every time.  Plus, you can use the stainless steel case for self-defense when there’s only one steak left and you want it all to yourself.  It’s available now for £19.99.