Datamancer Deco Keyboard: 30’s Art Deco Meets Throwaway PC Peripheral


Datamancer’s Steampunk creations have never failed to amaze us before.  The awe continues today with their latest keyboard contraption, the Datamancer Deco Keyboard.

Commissioned by a husband-and-wife team who just opened an Art Deco-themed movie theater called Cinema 16:9, the keyboard is intended to blend in with the shop’s theme, while being functional enough for use as the main input control at their point-of-sale.   I’m not exposed to enough of Art Deco to know whether this fits in with the 1930’s decorating trend, but the peripheral does look crazy hot, combining the sensibilities of those way old vintage typewriters with modern function.

The Deco Keyboard sports all the keys available in a  regular keyboard, arranged in the typical configuration, making it no more different to a touch-typist than a regular throwaway model you can get at the bargain bins.  It features a black reflective acrylic faceplate, wood and chrome frame and bright white LED indicators.  Personally, I find the white LEDs a tad distracting from the rest of the piece but I didn’t design it, so I digress.

According to Steampunk modder and the keyboard’s creator, Rich Nagy, the Datamancer Deco Keyboard lit up a fire in him, prompting him to make plans for work on a full Deco PC with matching keyboard and mouse.  Can’t wait to see what that one looks like!

[Datamancer via OhGizmo]