Daylodge Workspace Hangs A Work Table On The Side Of Your Car Or Truck

It’s easy enough to pack up a small camp table and squeeze it in the boot of the car, so you can have a functional work surface when you’re car camping or tailgating. Problem is, most camping tables still take up a significant amount of space. If all you need is a small table surface to do some food prep, mix cocktails, or clean your tools, maybe you can make do with the Daylodge Workspace instead.

A literal workspace in a bag, it packs up everything in a box-shaped bag that you should have no problem sliding into the trunk or even keeping in the backseat. When you need a work surface, just pull it out and set it up outside of your vehicle, then pack it back up once you’re done, making for a simple but functional workspace solution in the outdoors.

The Daylodge Workspace is, basically, a hanging camp kitchen organizer, with multiple pockets that can accommodate plates, cutlery, and other kitchen essentials. It’s got pockets and loops of different sizes on the backboard, as well as both inside and outside the side walls, so there’s a whole lot of options here for organizing your stuff. While that’s common enough, it sets itself apart by adding a fold-down table top that measures 12 x 18 inches. Made from bamboo, the table is durable enough for various food prep tasks, while the size allows for ample room to get things done without being too cramped.

It’s designed to be used right next to your vehicle and sets up via one of three mounting options. There’s the FlexMount Anchors that can be deployed for hanging the contraption over the car door, as well as a truck hanging fixtures for mounting on the side of the truck bed. Lastly, they throw in a gate mount for setting it up on the tailgate of vehicles like the Jeep or the Bronco. That means, you don’t need to set down the table on any surface, allowing you to work on the fly anywhere you parked your vehicle. Since it has a flat bottom, by the way, the whole thing can also be set down on tablets, open tailgates, and other flat surfaces, so you still have options of using it even away from the car.

The Daylodge Workspace isn’t just for camp kitchens, of course, as you can use it for any application that requires a functional worktop. You can use it as a portable mini-bar, for instance, giving you storage space for your bartending gear and supplies (it’s got elastic loops that can secure bottles easily), apart from giving you a work surface for whipping up cocktails. You can also use it to carry various tools, using the work surface as a place to clean and prep your gear, as well as a first-aid station, among others.

Can it replace a proper camp table? Probably not. If you just need a basic work surface, though, it may prove to be a more suitable option if a full-fledged table feels overkill, so there’s definitely room for it in anyone’s stash.

The Daylodge Workspace is currently offering a presale for limited units. Price is $199 for the Cordura shell and $239 for the Hypalon.

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