Deadly Multi-Purpose Closet: Storage Magic


If you watch stage magic, you’ve probably seen the age-old trick of sticking knives into a closet while an assistant (usually a pretty lady, another magician or a pretend audience member) stood inside it.  It fascinated me to no end when I was a kid and continues to be fun today when coupled with an exciting performance.

While I usually took home laughs and giggles after watching such a show, Rafael Morgan allowed it to inspire a very clever closet design.  Called the Deadly Multipurpose Closet, it uses the swords as hanging bars and support racks that you can lay out in a creative number of ways.

The closet sports four rows with three holes lined up.  Each hole is just large enough for a (wooden) sword to fit in, piercing through from one side to the other.   You can fill up as many rows as you like, depending on how you want to deck out the closet.  For instance, it can be a standard hanging closet, with just one sword acting as a hanging rod on the top end.  You can also do it like in the image above, with two and three swords on each row, creating plenty of shelf space for books, folded clothes and shoes.

Kids are guaranteed to love it, although I’m pretty sure they’ll end up making a big mess.  With removable swords acting as shelves, it’s too tempting not to draw them for an impromptu sword fight.  Hell, even I probably can’t resist!

Currently just a furniture concept, it’s hard to imagine the Deadly Multipurpose Closet not making production.  In fact, it would be travesty to humankind not to be able to buy this in stores!

[Rafael Morgan via Gizmodo]