Death Wish Coffee Brings 200% More Caffeine

You just ran out of Star Wars Dark Roast.  Now, you’re in the mood for a force that’s even stronger. You know, the biggest hit of caffeine in a cup that money can buy.  Well, you just got your wish with the Death Wish Coffee.

With a name like that and a crossbones logo on the packaging, you know this one ain’t joking.  Boasting 200% more caffeine in a single serving than your typical coffee shop fare, it should deliver a waking jolt unlike any other brown beverage you’ve imbibed first thing in the morning.  In fact, they’re so sure about the potency that you can send the coffee back (full refund within 60 days) if it’s not the strongest coffee you’ve ever had.

Unlike other products that boost their caffeine content with guarana and other substances, Death Wish Coffee is 100% coffee.  They just managed to source some seriously potent beans that they roast to a medium-dark robust flavor before grounding.  It’s also Fair Trade and organic and all that buzzwordy stuff, just in case that’s important to you.

Calling your product “the strongest coffee in the world” takes a whole lot of balls.  That, or too much strong coffee the morning after a night of hard drinking.  Either way, Death Wish Coffee sounds exactly like the kind of java you’d want if you were getting tired of the same boring Starbucks fare every morning.  It’s available now, priced at $19.99 for a 1-pound bag of either ground or whole bean.  They have other quantities, including a $2.99 sampler pack.  You can check it from the website below.

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