Dedo Message Board Lets You Leave Notes On A Rug

For the longest time, message boards have been either corkboards with pinned notes or dry-erase surfaces doodled with Sharpie markings.  That’s why the Dedo, a self-contained message board that looks like a framed rug, is especially refreshing.

Rather than commissioning Post-it notes and markers, you write your messages using nothing but a finger.  You literally drag your digit through the specially-designed fur, leaving a trail of markings that are just as effective and readable as any conventional message board.

The Dedo cleverly uses artificial fur that retains markings until you comb it back in place, allowing you to fill it with messages and drawings from corner to corner.   Encased in a wood derivative frame, the whole thing measures 22.9 x 32.8 feet, giving you a huge swath of space to wax your creative doodles and family reminders on.

Because it’s essentially a stylish rug on your wall, it looks leagues better than that slab of industrial whiteboard (or, even worse, classroom-quality corkboard) you normally have hanging.  With a drawing traced on the rug, in fact, it could easily pass off as a decorative piece, instead of a utilitarian tool.  Plus, you don’t need to stock up on markers, erasers and sticky pads to leave messages – as long as you’ve got functional finger, you’re all set.

A limited run piece, the Dedo Message Board is available from Arcademi, priced at 110 Euros (around $140).  They only have 18 on stock, so best place your order now if you want one.

[Arcademi via Swiss Miss]