DeepDyve Lets You Rent Scientific Journals Online For 24 Hours


Do you consume scientific papers the same way you voraciously take to music?  Maybe not, but many folks do require them for regular research needs.  If you’re among those folks who fork out ridiculous amounts of cash for copies of obscure research publications, then you’ll love DeepDyve, a new service that rents out scientific papers for the same 99-cent price as an iTunes download.

For a long time, everyone without a student pass regularly had to pay serious cash for access to articles from science journals (typically from $30 onwards per title).  That holds true whether you only need to check out a couple of details from it or actually need the whole deal.  As a result, many folks ended up having to be stingy with their research budgets, often having to write out papers or perform experiments without full access to every piece of previous research available.

With DeepDyve, that can all change.  Boasting the largest inventory of scientific papers online, the company has over 30 million individual titles in stock on various fields like technology, medicine and other scientific interests.  These include articles and abstracts from respected scientific journals, clinical trial results and filings from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Instead of shelling out a wad, you can peruse each one for 99 cents per 24 hour period.

Since you’re “renting” the information, you’ll have to read it directly from DeepDyve’s in-browser reader.  There’s also no facility for printing, copying or saving any of the articles.  You’ll either have to take notes or go through the whole trouble of taking screenshots in order to keep it for yourself.  The latter, of course, is discouraged (the Flash-based reader actually makes it difficult).

Need to find some obscure research sources?  Chances are this is your best bet.  You can access DeepDyve from the link below.

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