Chill Your Booze Using The Cold Winter Climate With This Unique Car Roof Rack


You want to buy a bottle of hooch from the store and have it ice cold the moment you get home. Why? Because you’re constantly dealing with first world problems, that’s why.  While that’s probably possible if you get yourself a portable freezer that can fit in the boot of the car, the Deeplocal Blitzen offers a simpler and more economical solution.

No, it’s not a fridge, freezer, or cooler that you can use to stash the bottle on the drive back home. Instead, it’s actually a car accessory that uses the prevailing weather and your car’s motion to chill whatever bottle you decided to pick up from the store. And, yes, the darn thing’s going to work whether it’s a growler full of your favorite IPA, a bottle of vino, or your favorite brand of champagne.


The Deeplocal Blitzen is, basically, a roof-mounted rack that snaps onto the roof of a car using two 100-pound magnets. Instead of holding skis, surfboards, and similar recreational gear, however, this rack is designed to hold a bottle of your favorite liquor. Yes, you’re supposed to put a sealed of bottle of liquor on top of your car while you drive on the way home, letting the cold weather of the holiday season chill it as you speed down the road going to your house.

As you can imagine, this design is only meant to work in cold weather, so depending on where you live, this might not be a viable way of chilling beverages. If you’re driving at night, however, then it might work regardless of your location, so you can come home with a cold bottle of suds every night after work. That’s right, no need to chill a bottle of your favorite beverage in the morning to make sure it’s cold when you get home – you can now enjoy your favorite drink every night in chilled form as soon as you kick off your shoes and plop down the couch.

The Deeplocal Blitzen has a strap system that can accommodate everything from a small bottle of wine to a standard-sized growler, with aluminum rails that will ensure your bottle is safe the entire time it sits on top of the car. According to the outfit, how cool the drink gets will depend on ambient temperature and car speed as the primary factors (which means slow traffic and summer are the enemies), although they haven’t conducted enough tests to point out what you should expect in exacting detail.

Yes, that’s right, this thing is currently just a prototype that’s being developed by Deeplocal as an “everyman’s chiller.”  If it actually works, can you just imagine the ridiculousness it will create on the road? I mean, people actually driving down the highway with bottles of beer, wine, and bubblies on the roofs of their cars. Since the contraption is quite small, you can even attach multiple units of it on a single roof, so you can have an entire party’s worth of booze chilling while you drive home from the liquor store.

Learn more about the Deeplocal Blitzen from the link below.

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