Antler & Co. Turns Deer Appendages Into Home Shelving Solutions

Antler horns look cool.  Carefully chosen and hung on your wall, they can be functional home furniture too.  At least, that’s what  Antler & Co. is doing.

Selling real antler horns repurposed for the home, the company’s line consist of coat racks, bookshelves and multi-purpose wall hooks all made from deers’ bony appendages.  Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the farming (at least, we don’t think so) — many species of deer shed their antlers every year and those are the ones they harvest.

Antler & Co currently have three products available: Dewey Decimal, Hanger Holder and Modern Mobile.  All come from natural antler horns, which ensures no two pieces look exactly alike (there always seem to be slight variations in the way those appendages sprout).  Sawed off to serve the intended purpose and fitted with a nut on the stem, you can fasten it to a hanger bolt when installing up a wall.

The Dewey Decimal uses antlers with a flat base and is intended for use as a bookshelf.  Because of the unusual shape, they’re harder to come by than their other products (which means your order might take longer).  Both the Hanger Holder and the Modern Mobile, on the other hand, are designed for hanging stuff, whether they be clothes hangers, kitchen supplies or random novelties.

All of Antler & Co.’s pieces come with the necessary hardware for installation, along with accompanying instructions.  If you’re looking for unique shelving and hanging solutions, this definitely offers one way to spice things up.

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