Wash Your Clothes With DeFUNKit And They Will Never Stink Again


Workout clothes need to be washed after every use. With all the sweat and grime it accumulates after a single workout, you just have to, unless you’re fine with walking around the gym emanating an awful stink. That, however, won’t be the case when your garments are treated with DeFUNKit, a special wash that keeps clothes from stinking even after multiple uses.

That’s right, you can now wear the same shirt for an entire week’s worth of workouts. Whether you like to run, climb rocks, or hit the iron at the gym, this wash allows you to reuse your workout garments without smelling like you haven’t bathed in a week. That way, you can do less laundry even while doing more workouts, saving you from the hassles of laundry day while potentially extending your clothes’ lifespans.


Developed by material scientists and chemists from the University of Oregon, DeFUNKit is a solution that you use to wash your clothes in place of regular detergents. It can be used for both hand washing and machine washing, so long as you use the correct amount of the stuff (e.g. the smallest pack can treat up to four shirts or 450 grams worth of garments). Do note, it’s not a replacement for regular washing (e.g. it can’t be used for spot stain removal and it’s not antimicrobial), as it’s merely a special treatment that removes any buildup in garments that cause odor while coating the fabrics with natural odor blockers, so you can sweat in your clothes without stinking them up.

Garments treated with DeFUNKit can be worn up to seven times before needing to be washed, with the treatment lasting for up to 20 regular washes, so you will only need to do it after every few months. As for shoes and gear, they sell a spray-on deodorizer that does the same thing, so you’ll never have to stink again from head to toe.

Available now, the smallest pack of DeFUNKit is priced at $9.95.

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