Delk Money Clip Bundles Multi-Tools

I’ve always thought Swiss Army Knives needed a money clip integrated into its design.  You already keep the thing in your pocket, so might as well find a way to have it hold your folded bills.  While that hasn’t really happened yet (honestly, I don’t know how to work that in the design either), turns out someone saw the wisdom in the mash-up and made the Delk Money Clip Multi-Tool.

Instead of starting from a pocket knife design, they went the other route, piling on the extra tools on a traditional money clip.  The result is a very capable pocket tool to hold all your loose bills, with a few extra utilities you can pull out when needed.

The Delk Money Clip Multi-Tool measures 2.25 x 1 inches (l x w), making it compact enough to fit even into tight pockets.  Behind the actual clip for  your loose bills are four fold-out multi-tools waiting to be deployed: a knife, a pair of small scissors, a file and a flathead screwdriver.  Everything is constructed out of stainless steel.

Granted, this doesn’t even begin to come near what most pocket knife multi-tools offer.  Still, if you rarely use those tiny blades or screwdrivers anyway and merely keep them for emergencies, we’re guessing something like this is going to do.

Want one?  Amazon has the Delk Money Clip Multi-Tool available now, priced at $8.

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