Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor Can Split-Screen Into Four Separate 1080p Displays


Multi-monitor setups have been the go-to solution among many desktop users who find single screen a too limiting for what their jobs or digital recreational pursuits require. Problem is, multi-monitor setups take space and that’s not exactly something everyone’s workspaces can handle. The Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor offers a clever solution.

Instead of getting multiple monitors, it’s a single monitor that can split its display four ways, essentially serving as a four-screen multi-monitor setup. That way, you can have all the benefits of four monitors without taking up the usual footprint, giving users a simpler way to streamline their work processes.


The Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor is a 43-inch display with a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a 178-degree viewing angle, so it should make for a great desktop display even as a single-monitor setup. Using the bundled Enhanced Display Manager software, though, the lone monitor can easily be configured as a grid of four borderless 1080p displays, allowing you to maintain a quartet of separate desktops all in plain view. Even better, those four screens can accept inputs from different sources, so you can use three screens for your desktop machine and leave the fourth one for streaming a movie from your tablet.

Features include a matte finish to prevent glare, 8W stereo speakers, dual HDMI ports, DisplayPort 1.2, miniDisplayPort, a VGA slot, four USB 3.0 slots, and even an RS232 port for remote management. It’s also energy-efficient, resulting in a 30 percent savings in consumption compared to using four similarly-sized monitors.

Available now, the Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor is priced at $1,349.99.

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