Delta415 Wearcom Jeans Lets You Use Your Phone While It Stays In Pocket

Your pants’ front pocket might make a nice space to keep your iPhone when you’re leaving the house.  But you’ll still have to pull it out of the pocket and cup in your hand if you’re going to do anything with it.  If that doesn’t quite float your boat, you might want to trade in those Levi’s 511 Commuters for the Delta415 Wearcom, which features a see-thru pocket on the leg where you can fiddle with your handset.

Unlike most jeans designed specifically for gadgets, the trousers actually look like normal straight leg pants, instead of some strange concoction with pockets popping out everywhere.  The sole giveaway, of course, is the zipped up patch right on the leg, which is where you can keep your phone for easy access.

Unzip that patch and the fabric falls sideways to reveal a special transparent smartphone pouch that’s made from durable polymer, allowing you to both see the display in its entirety and interact with the handset using touch controls.  Even better, the smartphone compartment features a button hole that leads right to the front pocket right above it, allowing you to insert a headphone discreetly, so you can zip up the flap completely while enjoying your iTunes playlist.  The pocket can accommodate any smartphone or handheld gadget up to 3 x 5 inches  (w x h).

Made by Alphyn Industries, the Delta415 Wearcom Jeans is made of premium coated indigo-dyed denim with organic cotton pockets.  According to the product page, the design was inspired by pilot’s G-suits, which used similar thigh-positioned pockets for holding map clipboards and notes during flight.

The Delta415 Wearcom is available now, priced at $160 a pair.

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