Denim Design Lab 1879 Kit Lets You Make Your Own Jeans

Want to make your own jeans?  There’s no guarantee what monstrosity you’ll end up with, but the Denim Design Lab 1879 Kit supposedly has everything you need to make one.

Personally, I’ve always thought you needed a full-sized sewing machine to tailor a pair of pants (I heard all the sweatshops in China have one).  With all the included equipment housed in a stylish folding denim pouch, however, a home sewing machine probably isn’t part of the deal here.

There’s no official list of what actually comes with the Denim Design Lab 1879 Kit, but we’re pretty sure we recognize a spray, a tape measure, a paintbrush, some dye and a Denim Dremel.  It comes with a paperback copy of Brian Robbins’ Denim Design Lab, which details the finer points of the craft, as well as a bundle of 100% red selvedge denim from Cone Denim.

Being from Denim Design Lab , we’re guessing the book focuses its discussion on the creation of traditional work wear with vintage design elements and modern silhouettes.  I’m an absolute fish out of water when it comes to sewing, so I’m not even gandering a guess about what kind of results you can expect.  Do prepare to work, though, since you’ll have to craft the pants by hand.

If you ever fancied learning how to build your own denim jackets, pants or underwear (uhmmm…maybe not that), the Denim Design Lab 1879 Kit should offer a viable starting point.  This will probably be a “learn as you go” thing, so don’t expect decent results until you’ve had yourself a couple of flops.

[FarFetch via Cool Material]