Go Ahead Punk, Make My Meal: The Denim Tabasco Holster

In a perfect world, every place selling anything edible will have a line-up of mouth-scorching hot sauce readily within reach.  Unfortunately, we live in a messed-up planet and it’s not uncommon to find yourself having to reluctantly bite down at a sandwich without any accompanying spicy condiment in sight.

How do you end the lack of proper punch to your meals?  By always carrying a bottle with you, of course.  In case, you can’t fit another “necessary gadget” in your pocket, you should arm yourself using this: the Denim Tabasco Holder.

The carrying contraption slots into your belt, allowing you to bring a 2oz bottle of the iconic pepper sauce wherever your appetite leads you.  Attending the neighbor’s backyard barbecue?  Never leave home without ammunition.  Camping in the woods?  Even crappy berries will taste nice with a little spice.  Heading out for lunch?  You never know with those cost-cutting bastards, so always be ready.

If you ever found yourself fuming mad at food service personnel who tell you, “We don’t serve hot sauce,” it’s probably time you spared yourself the sorrow.  Hook the Denim Tabasco Holster to your waist and never eat food without that delicious tongue-burning sensation again.  It’s available for $7.20, complete with one 2oz bottle.