Denim Therapy Restores Torn Jeans Like New

A good pair of jeans only gets better with wear, but use it enough times and it starts growing holes and tears. Patches and stitches can only help you so far. At some point, all those fix-ups just leave your pants looking ugly.

Denim Therapy is a jeans repair service that does more than mend your damaged trousers – it restores the fabric like new. In fact, reconstruction might be a more fitting word, since it rebuilds the original denim material, so there’s not even a hint of previous punctures or lacerations.

More than holes and tears, the company does all sorts of repairs, from replacing busted zippers to stitching belt loops to adjusting hems, so you can literally send in your well-worn $3,000 pair of Ernest Sewns and have them returned as fresh as the first time you bought them. Of course, the big selling point here is the denim restoration, which the company claims they can perform on absolutely any brand, any style and any color.

They use a process called Match Perfect to guide the thread selection, which takes every possible factor into account, including color, weight of the thread, indigo saturation, wear and any finishing processes that went into creating the pants’ current condition. Each pair is worked on individually, as well, so you can be assured your beloved jeans are getting personal attention.

Of course, you can’t expect to get your jeans fixed to perfection without paying premium rates. Denim Therapy charges $7 for every inch of hole and tear, which should translate to a hefty amount, depending on the damage. As a basis, getting a pair of jeans with moderate-sized holes on each knee (like the kind that would have been cool in the 80s) repaired will cost you around $54. It probably won’t make sense to have five-year old $75 pants fixed this way, but it should prove a perfect fit for designer pieces in your closet.

[Denim Therapy via Uncrate]