Deo-Go Sprays Pit Stains Out Of Your Shirts

Sweat a lot?  No need to answer.  While you can’t do much about your bad luck in glands, Deo-Go can do something about those vomit-inducing yellow marks that have etched themselves on your unfortunate threads.

A specialty cleaning agent, each bottle of the product is designed to do only one thing: rid shirts, undershirts and blouses of that unpalatable mix of sweat, dirt and chemical antiperspirants that regularly find their way into people’s wardrobes.  Because of the single-minded utility, it works better than any other stain removal method in the market, including (according to the makers) proprietary anti-stain agents, detergents and bleach.

The Deo-Go uses active ingredients (non-ionic surfactants and hydrochloric acid) that specifically target antiperspirant and deodorant residue, dissolving and removing those types of stains completely.  To use, simply take the shirt, spray the affected areas,  leave it to soak for a short period and then wash the clothes as you normally would.  A single application should be enough to remove existing stains.

Each 250ml bottle of the product can work its magic on up to 15 garments, so make sure you stock up if you have a lot of shirts victimized by your unruly ability to sweat like a hog.  Unfortunately, it only removes existing stains, so your clothes are still open season for reacquiring the same reprehensible markings.  Good thing you can spray it back again to restore to pristine conditions.

Deo-Go is available for $10.50 a bottle.

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