Derny Trench Jacket Dresses You Up For Bike And Bar

Designed for folks who bike their way to work and social functions, the Derny Trench Jacket combines bicycling comfort with understated class. If you can stave off sweating like a pig from all that pedalwork, you’ll be just as ready to slay a room with your gentlemanly suave without requiring any change of clothes.

Far from your average bicycle fashion, the fashionably cool jacket comes with a sleek line cut from stretch denim (either black or blue) to help you show off that athletic figure carved from day after day of calorie-burning pedal-pushing. Completely at home in an upscale bar, it features a velvet collar, invisible side zip pockets and bundled Derny cuff links (you get two pairs, in case you lose them while charming guests at a party).

Of course, the Derny Trench Jacket is designed, first and foremost, as a cycling accessory, so performance is put at premium. To ensure topnotch riding experience, it gets rotated shoulders for a great fit with your hands on the handlebar, concealed double-ended, full-length zip for complete freedom of movement, fold-down French cuffs and semi-lined interior.

Pair it with a nice shirt and those bike-savvy Osloh Pants for a full-on, business-casual gear that lets you bike your way through an entire day. It’s available for $225.

[Derny Clothing via Pedal Consumption]