DeRucci T11 Pro Smart Mattress Can Adjust Bed Firmness, Height, Shape, and Temperature On-the-Fly to Improve Your Sleep Quality

We already spend the day tapping on a smartphone, monitoring our health on a smartwatch, and interacting with a whole host of smart home products. Might as well spend the night dozing off on an equally smart bed, too. That’s exactly what you can do with the DeRucci T11 Pro Smart Mattress.

A winner of the Innovation Award for CES 2024, it’s an AI-powered mattress that can monitor a number of physical and physiological details about the person sleeping on it, then make adaptive adjustments both on the bed and the environment to help improve their overall sleep quality. That’s right, this bed can change things on the fly to keep you as comfortable as possible, easily making it the most active and dynamic sleep aid ever to be made.

The DeRucci T11 Pro Smart Mattress is equipped with a variety of sensors that can track subtle changes in body position, body temperature, heart rate, respiration, and various other health metrics, which it analyzes to determine what kind of things its occupants need to improve their sleep situation. A total of 18 air support units are strategically installed right in the mattress, which it automatically activates to modify the sleeping surface and make it more conducive based on sensor readings. Whether it needs to raise a certain part of the bed to keep you from snoring, add more support to better handle your posture, or something else, the mattress can detect and adapt to it all on its own.

The mattress can do these readings and adjustments both for one occupant or two occupants, so it can effect separate changes to each side of the bed on the fly. It also comes with graphene far-infrared heat, which it can use to adjust the bed’s temperature by up to 40 degrees Celsius automatically, depending on what it thinks will help you sleep better. That’s right, you can make your bed warmer without having to use an electric blanket or mattress cover.

The DeRucci T11 Pro Smart Mattress can also be connected to other compatible smart home devices, including thermostats, air conditioners, aromatheraphy machines, air purifiers, lighting, and more. According to the outfit, it can also make adjustments to those devices that you connect to further help improve sleep quality based on its readings, making it a much more comprehensive sleep aid solution. Granted, it’s probably not going to be easy making sure every smart device in your home will be compatible with the bed, but you do get this extra benefit if they manage to work well together.

Naturally, it comes with a companion app, where users can see their sleep quality reports, as well as get personalized sleep consultations and recommendations. More than letting you keep tabs on sleep quality, though, the onboard AI can actually analyze its sensor readings and combine it with your historical health data to provide warnings of possible chronic diseases and other health problems, which could help you catch a potential issue at an earlier time.

The DeRucci T11 Pro Smart Mattress will be on hand at CES 2024. It’s slated to come out in the US during the third quarter of the year, priced at $8,250.

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