Design Deck: Learn Graphic Design While Playing Solitaire

Want to read up on graphic design, but don’t have the time to invest in poring over a 300-page textbook?  Join the club.  What if there was a way you can passively learn the subject while playing poker with the boys or practicing close-up magic tricks?  That’s exactly what the Design Deck, a fully-functional deck of playing cards that double as graphic design lessons, hopes to provide.

Like other playing card decks, each of the card faces feature a corresponding suit and rank.  Unlike them, though, each of the 52 cards’ faces also come printed with individual graphic design lessons, essentially making it a pocket-sized textbook on the subject.  You can read them in some order the way you’d read a regular book or randomly browse each while you’re playing with the cards, getting your bite-sized lessons on the fly.

The Design Deck contains concise, practical, and essential graphic design lessons curated from some of the most popular books on the subject.  The text is brief and condensed so you can read it quick and fast, with a detailed visual example, allowing for a short but sufficiently thorough examination of the subject.  Each one is printed on thick 310gsm cardstock with a linen texture, making it suitable for regular card games.  Oh yeah, the lesson prints are pretty, too, making for a deck that’s equal parts playable, educational, and decorative.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Design Deck.  Pledges to reserve a set starts at $18.

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