Designer Gas Masks: Signature Fashion For The Armageddon

Who says you gotta slum it up when the end-of-times comes along? Not these Designer Gas Masks, which look to keep you in fashion even while living through Armageddon.

Conjured up by designer Diddo, the masks are intended as a cheeky art statement rather than for actual use. However, when that dirty bomb unleashed by aliens does get released into our airspace, this will likely be the same protective mask designs the higher-end fashion houses will be going for. I mean, I can literally see Carrie and company stringing this along for Sex and the City 3: Toxic Wasteland, can’t you?

Diddo’s Designer Gas Masks look like standard issue, full-face protective covers, complete with air filters and respirators. Except they’re studded with jewels, lined with precious metals, riddled with designer logos and will probably be priced into oblivion. Of course, during a nuclear fallout, luxury pricing might equate to five gallons of potable water and a bottle of Bacon Hot Sauce, so it’s all good.

Obviously, these aren’t for sale. I wish they were, though. Luxury gas masks sound like a new market that’s ripe for the picking. All you have to do is tie it in with a little zombie infection scare and you’ll be raking in the dough.

[By Diddo via Inventor Spot]