Deska Board Lets You Windsurf Without Any Water For Miles

Because the world can never have a shortage of ridiculously fun looking ways to cruise the city streets, someone made a board that you can use to windsurf on concrete roads.  Called the Deska Board, it can be armed with a sail similar to windsurfing equipment, allowing you to use the wind to propel you from the mini-mart, where you bought a six-pack of beer, to your buddy Caleb’s house, where you will drink it while playing Killzone Shadow Fall on the PS4.

That’s right, it’s a cruising board that you can use to windsurf the urban jungle.  It can work with any standard windsurf sail, with installation taking no more than 10 seconds to finish.  No need to rely on fast-depleting batteries like motorized skateboards – as long as you live around a reasonably windy place, you can have nature supply the power for chugging the board along all day.

Since it’s compatible with standard windsurf sails and works using similar principles (it even comes with footstraps for sailing in strong winds), the Deska Board is being promoted as an easier way to learn windsurfing.  No need to drive down to the beach to learn how to control a sail and maneuver on a board – just take one of these things out to an empty parking lot and you can simulate the experience in a pretty close manner.  Of course, you can use it like a skateboard, too, in case you prefer leaving the sail at home because it’s bulky as heck.  Features include carbon and Kevlar construction, 200mm wheels, and a removable disc brake system that can be activated by a handle in the rear.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the Deska Board.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $390.

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