Make Everything Illegal With The Desktop NO Sign

Your cubicle is your slice of the world in the cold jungle that is the workplace.  So when people enter your domain, you need to exercise control.  This Desktop No Sign is the perfect way to assert that authority.

Don’t like people hanging out in your cubicle and using their phone?  Stick your handset on the sign.  Don’t like people sitting next to you and having coffee?  Slip your mug under the strap, pray it holds and let them know what they’re doing wrong.  Yep, it’s the all-in-one solution for you social misanthropes who can’t stand the mass of people trying to suck you into their mundane lives in the office.

The No Sign is made from printed tin and measures 20.4 x 14 cm.  It’s not the prettiest sign in the world, but it gets the job done and brings versatility to pre-made signs that you just can’t get with any of the usual options. An elastic band is installed right under the “NO” print, where you can stick a variety of items for declaring its use illegal within the immediate vicinity.

Designed by Shahar Peleg, the sign has one leg that props it up to stand on your table, so you don’t have to mount it up your cubicle’s walls.   It’s available from Animica USA, priced at $19.90.