Desktop Punching Bag: Unleash Your Inner Klitschko

Sometimes, you just need to punch something when you get frustrated at work.  While your Boombox Throw Pillows will do just fine for occasional stress relief function, you’ll need something that’s actually intended for absorbing hooks and crosses when those frustrating moments happen more and more often.  That’s why this Desktop Punching Bag exists.

Similar to the speed bags you see in boxing gyms, it consists of a small ball that you can attach to any surface using a large suction cup.   That way, you can attach it to the corner of your desk, ready to absorb punches any time you feel like letting one loose, all while staying in the same place the entire time.

Boss sends a nasty email blaming you for something he actually did wrong?  Give that Desktop Punching Bag an equally nasty uppercut.  Girlfriend says she’s leaving you for a bartender at the new downtown club?  Hit that thing with the strongest cross you’ve got.  Wife says she’s going to kill you because she just found out you had a girlfriend on the side?  Maybe headbutt the darn thing because, well, that’s your fault.  Still works, though.

The actual bag, which is made from synthetic leather, is inflatable (hand pump included), so you can easily take it home if you feel you’re going to need some stress relief over the weekend.  It features a heavy-duty spring that allows the bag to quickly rebound after absorbing your fastest jab combination, with a suction cup that can hold fast onto any wood or metal top.  Dimensions are 12.5 x 7.75 inches (h x d).

The Desktop Punching Bag is available online, priced at $19.95.

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