Deskview Lets You Turn Any Window Into A Temporary Office With A View


We’ve seen plenty of desks that can be mounted on a vertical surface to quickly set up a workstation even in the smallest spaces. The Deskview, however, does everything else one better by being able to mount and dismount as many times as you want.

That’s right, this wall-mounted desk doesn’t need to be permanently attached with hardware, so you can set it up anywhere a desk is needed at any time. Even better, it’s designed to mount on any flat and non-porous surface, allowing you to mount it on windows (so you can work with a view), tiles, metals, marble, and granite. We know, that means it won’t quite work with the drywall in your house, but it does open up a whole load of mounting possibilities.


The Deskview uses industrial-grade vacuum discs to affix itself to walls, with locking mechanisms that allow it to securely hold its place. It has been tested to support loads of up to 120 pounds, although the outfit recommends limiting the load to 40 pounds to ensure minimum wear and tear over time. Since you can mount it on any compatible surface, the darn thing can be set up both as a standing desk or a standard-height desk – just add a matching chair to complete the setup. It comes with a work surface measuring 25 x 15 inches, leaving you enough room to fit a laptop and several accessories, with three finish options: wood, white, or clear acrylic.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Deskview. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $165.


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