Destroy Your Face Before Denting Your Shades With The Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses


Why settle for UV protection when you can wear sunglasses that fend off bullets?  Get into gunfights without fearing for your eyes with the Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses, which could well be the most indestructible pair of specs in the world.

Officially endorsed by the Japanese military, these shades should survive the most torturous conditions. Even if you don’t intend to be in the middle of shrapnel blasts that can pierce your cornea, they should prove a very handy pair to own.  You can drop them, step on them and run face first into a wall without incurring any damage.  Your face will be destroyed before the shades show any dent.

How sturdy is the Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses?  According to the product page, the lens can withstand being struck by a hard 6.5mm object travelling at 106mph.  It also won’t shatter when you drop a half kilo slab of iron from 1.27 meters high.  Based on those numbers, I doubt it will really kill off speeding bullets, but you have my permission to try.  Ouch.

The glasses reportedly “look super cool,” apart from providing unusually sturdy performance.  It measures 16 x 15 x 4 cm, with a 2 mm thick lens, adding approximately 35 grams of weight to your face.

If you break your sunglasses often, the Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses should prove a more durable option.  For once, you just might end up with a pair of shades that can last you more than a week of unusually clumsy abuse.  You can grab one for $317.

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