Deus Ex Sea Sider: Now This Is A Beach Bike


Yes, you can rig a Harley or a Ducati to serve as a surfboard-toting beach bike, but we doubt the aesthetic will look all that congruent. If you want a motorcycle that looks perfectly at home at the beach, something like the Deus Ex Sea Sider will be a whole lot more fitting.

Just the right combination of beach town whimsy and two-wheel utility, the bike combines retro motorcycle aesthetics with bicycle-inspired styling, turning out a truly unique piece. Seriously, this thing looks cuter than a hot pink Vespa with the most adorable Hello Kitty decal you can find.


The Deus Ex Sea Sider started off life as a donor 1974 Honda C70 scooter whose 70cc motor was swapped out in favor of a more reliable engine from a 1995 Honda Astra. A variety of restored vintage pieces have been swapped in place of multiple parts of the bike, including the handlebars, headlight, and the two separate saddles, while a custom rack along the left side provides room to stow a full-sized surfboard. They even threw in a custom front basket with wooden slats that look eerily similar to the ones we’ve seen on many bicycles. Other details include imported Japanese rims, a handmade exhaust, and leather seats.


Learn more about the Deus Ex Sea Sider from the custom builder’s website.

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