Devolro Diablo Transforms The Toyota Tundra Into An Apocalypse-Ready Truck


The Toyota Tundra is a heck of a tough truck (even the limo version is tough, too). If you’re planning drive one in the event of an apocalypse, though, it’s going to need to be tougher. That extra boost of toughness is exactly what the Devolro Diablo brings to Toyota’s popular pickup.

Billed to “deliver the ultimate experience in comfort and performance,” the customized Tundra has been retrofitted to perform even better on both off-road and on-road terrains, with reinforcements that allow it to handle an absolutely insane amount of abuse. It combines those rugged qualities with equal levels of luxury appointments in the cabin, so you can enjoy total comfort while making your way around the ruins of any post-apocalyptic city.


The Devolro Diablo gets a supercharged 530 horsepower engine, along with an improved gearing system to optimize both the engine and transmission for highly-improved towing capabilities. A custom 7-inch suspension lift and custom shocks both front and rear ensure better performance when hiding away up in the mountains, with custom bumpers, custom sway bars, and, well, a whole lot of custom stuff ensuring you can knock into stuff and keep going. Heck, it even comes with a train horn, so you can honk like a rampaging locomotive while driving your way down abandoned roads and highways.


The entire cabin is designed to kill sound, vibration, and heat coming from outside (doors, walls, and floors are all reinforced), with options in leather, alcantara, polished wood, and carbon fiber appointments, so you can watch the world burn in style. Bullet-proofing, however, doesn’t come stock, although B6-level full body armoring (windshield, windows, body, roof, and floor) is offered as an option.

Want one? Pricing for the Devolro Diablo starts at $199,000.

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