Devtac Ronin Is The Post-Apocalypse Bulletproof Headwear You’ve Always Wanted


If you’re preparing for an apocalypse, there are certain things that are must-haves in whatever giant safe, underground bunker, or secret hideaway you’re stashing them in. You’ll need guns, canned food, and a good load of survival tools. Just in case the apocalypse turns out to be something straight out of Mad Max, you’ll also need to look cool while making your way around civilization’s ruins and Devtac’s Ronin Ballistic Mask should have you covered.

Not to be confused with the outfit’s similarly-named airsoft mask, this full-face helmet is equipped to protect you from deadly headshots. With a construction capable of stopping a magnum 44, this makes for a serious protection during the tumultuous post-apocalyptic times, all while making you look like a space soldier straight out of Guardians of the Galaxy.


We’re not entirely sure about the Devtac Ronin Mask’s exact materials, but the darn thing does use Kevlar generously, so we guess the ballistic capabilities come from there. Granted, we’d prefer something that can protect us from rifle rounds and heavier firepower, but barring any other choice with the same Mad Max aesthetic, we guess we can live with the extra risk. Features include detachable cheek plates (it snaps on and off using magnets), adjustable straps, detachable polycarbonate lenses, and two micro-jet fans to prevent fogging. Do note, the whole ensemble weighs 8.8 pounds, so this thing is going to be heavy.


Pricing for the Devtac Ronin Mask is available upon request.

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