Dew Quiver Lets You Strap An iPod Rambo-Style

Need an excuse to look like Rambo (but can’t justify a security bandolier) or emphasize your cleavage (not that anything is wrong with it)? The Dew Quiver should do that nicely, strapping you up with an over-the-shoulder “cartridge” belt designed to hold your iPod. The necessary warning to overweight men, of course: emphasizing your manboobs is not sexy.

Because it’s made specifically for enjoying your portable music, it keeps everything neat, with no dangling wires save for the buds that pop-out right around the shoulders. It’s got control buttons right on the strap too, so you don’t have to bring out your gadget to pause tracks or skip to the next one.

The Dew Quiver is made from water-repellent stretch fabric, with fully-seamed edges for durability and adjustable straps. It can hold more than one gadget, packing an extra pocket to take your wallet or keys. An integrated five-button exterior keypad, called inSound, allows you to access various controls, including playback, volume and (if you put in an iPhone instead of an iPod) taking calls.

Design is supposed to keep it stable on your body during movement, so you can literally go to war wearing it. Why go to battle with an iPod? So you can play some Better Midler while gunning enemies down, of course…from a distance. Yes, a Better Midler song reference.

You never know.  The summer’s coming fashion statement might be to wear a fanny pack that’s worn like a sash and looks like a bandolier.  Might as well be ready.  The Dew Quiver retails for $85.

[Dew Motion via Oh Gizmo]