Organize Your Handyman Tools In DeWalt’s Lighted Tool Backpack


Tool bags come in all shapes and sizes. There are small ones, big ones, and awkwardly huge ones. They come as backpacks, briefcases, and even lumbering boxes you’ll have to drag like luggage. If you want something simple and compact enough to carry on your daily repair jobs, you should find the DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack quite the interesting option.

Designed to look like a regular backpack, the bag comes in a size and form similar to regular backpacks – the kind you see people bringing to school and work every day. Except, since it’s designed for tools, the darn thing comes equipped with seemingly innumerable pockets, allowing you to organize all your tools and supplies in a neat and tidy manner.


The DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack has a zippered main chamber and a zippered front compartment, both filled with a ridiculous amount of pockets and pouches. Both sections come with full zippers that reach through the left and right bottom sides of the backpack’s body, allowing you to lay everything open to get easy access to all your tools.  Between those two areas, it has a combined total of 48 pockets that you can use to hold everything from hand tools and spare parts to safety gear and supplies. There are also nine extra pockets in the exterior for gear you need to access on a frequent basis, giving you quick and ready access to any oft-used tool.

The pockets, by the way, should hold different kinds of hand tools, small equipment, and fastening supplies, so this should handle the needs of common contract jobs without any problems. On top of that, there’s still plenty of room on the two main compartments to dump in stuff that won’t fit in the pockets, so this should work for most anything that doesn’t require large equipment. It measures a compact 8.5 x 7.4 x 4.5 inches, making it a perfect alternative to your trusted handheld toolbox.


As you can tell by the name, the DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack has an integrated work light for those times you need additional lighting when performing a task. Situated at the front top section of the bag, the Led array brings a modest 39 lumens, so while you’ll still need a flashlight and a powerful task light for most tasks, it can do for those moments you require some low levels of illumination. Powered by two AAA batteries, the brightness can be adjusted to three output levels, so you can get the right amount of lighting you need for each exact situation.


Two handles on top allows you to carry the backpack by hand, while a pair of shoulder straps let you wear it like a regular backpack. All of those are padded, of course, along with the back to enable increased comfort during use. For reinforcement, it comes with a quartet of feet at the base to help it deliver better wear resistance.

The DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack is available now.

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