This Tool-Carrying Backpack Comes With A Battery Dock For Charging Mobile Gadgets

dewalt-usb-charging-tool-backpack-1We’re big fans of backpacks that double as USB charging stations, since they let you replenish your mobile devices’ power without having to carry a separate device. Problem is, conventional charging backpacks aren’t all that useful when your work requires you to carry drills, pliers, and other tools. Chances are, you’ll find the DeWalt USB Charging Tool Backpack a whole lot more suited for your needs.

Instead of a wide open main compartment, it comes with a gaggle of pockets for organizing any hand tools or power tools you’re bringing to the job site.  Whether you’re working construction, doing building repairs, or performing maintenance in the field, this thing lets you carry all your tools while keeping your tech charged at the same time.

Created in partnership with Custom Leathercraft, the DeWalt USB Charging Tool Backpack comes with an integrated dock sized to hold a DeWalt 20V MAX lithium-ion battery. Two USB slots allow you to charge a pair of mobile devices at the same time, with one tablet pocket and two phone-sized pockets for your gadgets. A tool wall armed with 17 pockets let you organize screwdrivers and hand tools, as well as smaller items like bits and fastening hardware.dewalt-usb-charging-tool-backpack-2Outside, you get three flap pockets for carrying even more tools, along with webbed carrying handles on top. Other features include a battery voltage monitor that prevents over-depletion, large pads on the back for better comfort, and a padded base to help reduce wear and abrasion.

Available now, the DeWalt USB Charging Tool Backpack is priced at $69.99.

Let’s check out this backpack in a bit more in-depth to see if it is worth the price.

This backpack comes courtesy of a partnership between Dewalt and Custom Leathercraft. Custom Leathercraft is a well-known name in the work gear market for construction workers and general laborers. They have been producing many items for workers such as tool holders and many other accessories for tools for more than thirty years. Thanks to their high quality and unique work, they have a strong grip over the work gear category. Experts over at Custom Leathercraft under license of DeWalt have manufactured this Tool-carrying backpack.

Build Quality – This product just like any other Dewalt and Custom Leathercraft product comes with supreme build quality. The backpack feels much more expensive than the price suggests. The build of this product is sturdy and rugged. The product is primarily aimed at construction workers. The fabric used for the construction is of high quality and will surely last a while. The stitching and materials used in the construction are also top-notch. Despite the ability to hold a massive amount of weights, the device itself weighs at just around 3.8lbs. The backpack comes with compact dimensions of around 14.5 x 6 x 19.8 inches.

Design – The design of the product is quite attractive. The design follows a black and yellow theme with black being the main color used on the front and yellow being used for the logo, bottom part, and interior of the backpack. On the front, you can find three pockets. Two smaller ones present on top make use of Velcro whereas a latch secures the larger one that is present just below these two small pockets tightly. The inside of the backpack is filled with technology and pockets, here you can find the battery that can be used for charging your electronics and pockets that are used for storage of different items. Three internal charging wall pockets inside can fit your tablet, smartphone or camera. Inside you can also find a 17 pocket vertical Tool Wall that can be used for storage of tools such as screwdrivers, drill bits, and other small accessories. The backpack in total comes with 23 pockets.dewalt-usb-charging-tool-backpack-3Usage – Thanks to its versatile nature, this backpack can be used for a wide range of tasks. The twenty-three storage pockets allow it to store all of your tools and electronics. The built-in battery dock, when used with a battery can charge your electronics as well. The USB charging battery dock has the ability to charge or provide power to two devices simultaneously thanks to the presence of two USB A type-charging ports. The backpack is designed in such a way that it can store and charge multiple devices even while they are inside the backpack. The DEWALT 20V MAX Lithium Ion Battery can be used as the main source for charging your electronics. The custom designed battery dock securely holds your battery in place and has two USB output ports that can be used for the sake of supplying power to the electronics. In order to protect the battery from over-depletion, there is low power battery cut-off protection present here.

There are large sized pads present on the back end of the backpack that provides a comfortable grip and makes carrying heavy loads a breeze while also reducing the stress applied to your body. The carrying handles are of very high quality and are  Padded to provide a comfortable experience. The adjustable shoulder snaps make sure provide you a great level of control over the position and make the overall carrying experience very comfortable. There is aconvenience handle present on both ends as well that aids in the usage. The base pad feet are also of high quality just like all other parts of this package. The backpack comes with a plethora of pockets that can hold everything of your liking, there are special pockets present inside that can be used for holding your electronics. The outside area has three pockets with two smaller pockets present on top and one large pocket on the bottom. The smaller pockets come with Velcro whereas the larger pocket makes use of a strap for keeping the internals secure. The interior has a tool wall that is vertical in nature and comes with 17 partitioned pockets that are used for storage of items such as screwdrivers and accessories for your work tools. In total, you can find around 23 pockets in this bag that are more than enough for storage of all of your items.

For a normal consumer, this bag does not seem or perform any different from all other options on the market, but for the working class, this is a blessing. Despite the compact size and a small footprint, the product has ample amount of storage and organization for all of your items and is very easy to carry around thanks to the padded back. On a long day at work, this backpack can be your savior as it can top up all of your electronics. The storage pockets for electronics are also a great feature as they allow the worker to keep their electronics safe from dirt and water during rough tasks. These pockets also keep your items secure. It is much better to charge your electronics when they are inside your backpack than leaving them unattended near an outlet.

The product does not come with a battery however, you will need to use a battery of your own, DeWalt rechargeable battery can easily fit in the included battery dock and can supply around 2 Amperes of total charge at a time when used with the dock.

Conclusion – It is amazing to see that even after all the technological advancements there was not a single item like this in the market for the working class. These people are the backbone of the nation and deserve the best. This item is a blessing for such people as it allows them to store all their belongings in an organized manner and keep their electronics topped up so they do not have any issue at work and are safe in the case of an emergency.

The backup comes with excellent build quality and a rugged design. Each pocket is stitched with great attention and it shows. The build of this product is flawless. The pocket organization and layout is also well thought out. Most importantly of all, the device is very comfortable to carry around thanks to the lightweight build, adjustable shoulder snaps, and a padded back. The sleeve for electronics such as tablets, smartphones, and cameras is a great feature that keeps these electronics secure while they are in the bag or are being topped up. To get the best experience out of this product, you will need a good battery for charging purposes such as the DEWALT 20V MAX Lithium Ion Battery. This battery can easily fit inside the dock and offers a good backup.

All these features make the backpack a great buy for all workers, this backpack not only organizes and stores all of your required items but can also charge your electronics. The excellent build quality, comfortable grip, and large storage make it worth every penny of the asking price.

Dewalt DGC530 23-pocket USB Charging Tool Backpack
  • USB charging battery dock simultaneously charge 2 devices via USB ports