Diamond Plate Kegerator Cabinet Adds A TV To Your Beer Tap

A beer keg with a flat screen TV right next to the tap is a bad idea in so many ways.  Still, I doubt that’s going to stop people from getting the Diamond Plate Kegerator Cabinet.  So, I’ll just pipe off my warnings and hope someone heeds them before it’s too late.

See that brand-spanking new HDTV?  That’s about to get doused in beer and ice.  Mark my words.  Every drunk worth the alcohol content in his brew have spilled beer on everything surrounding them.  That LCD panel is not immune from the curse.

The tap is also right in the way of the TV.  How are you supposed to enjoy sporting games with that large tap blocking off one end of the screen unless you stand right next to it?  If you do that, though, you end up multiplying your chances of committing the very first problem (spilling beer on the TV) exponentially.  It’s a lose-lose situation.

Still, the Diamond Plate Kegerator Cabinet ain’t so bad.  In fact, it’s one of the sexiest keg refrigerators I’ve seen in a while.  Measuring  64 (H) x 47.5 (W) x 23.5 (D), it’s made with powder-coated steel and aluminum, creating a shiny, attractive fixture that should play a fitting centerpiece to your garage.

By the way, it can be bought with or without the accompanying TV, so you can still enjoy the snazzy-looking cabinet without having to fork over the extra cash.  Two default TV choices come with the purchase – a flip-out panel (which adds a cabinet above the tabletop that opens to a TV set) and a 32-inch DVD/LCD combo pre-mounted on the cabinet.

The Diamond Plate Kegerator Cabinet, before customization, currently retails for $1,678.57.

Credits and more info: Garage Fabricators