Diesel DZ9044: Time At The Edges


Tokyoflash watches make telling time challenging by forcing you to stretch your mind.  The Diesel DZ9044, on the other hand, achieves it by making you stretch your limbs.

From the front, it looks just like a blank watch face.  Is there a lid I need to open to tell the time?  Is there some magical E-Ink display that’s supposed to enlighten me?  You can crack your head open and continue to fail because the actual time-telling mechanisms are actually docked on the sides.  That’s right – the areas you would never bother to look at.

The Diesel DZ9044 sports four minuscule watch faces on both the right and left edges of the timepiece, which means you’ll either have to stretch your arm out or put your knuckle on your chin in order to see the time.  In all honesty, I don’t know whether to christen it creative or just plain ridiculous.   Either way, a watch with a blank metallic face just looks so damn cool.

Since there are four faces, the watch can keep track of up to four different timezones, making the whole contraption a tad more useful that your run-of-the-mill timepieces.  Because the four dials effectively took all the space on the side panels, each time-telling mechanism can be adjusted from a similarly tiny crown right below them.  It comes in two color options, black and brown, each sporting leather straps and ion-plated steel frames.  It’s also water-resistant for up to 330 feet.

Can you imagine having to look at the time on this thing while holding a cup of hot coffee?  If you used to be able to pull it off, your happy days are definitely over.  The very stylish Diesel DZ9044 is available for $365.

[Watchismo via Slashgear]