Diesel Glow Series Features Glow-In-The-Dark Watch Bands

When you say a watch is “glow in the dark,” that usually means the hands (or the dial) are perfectly visible even when you’re in dimly-lit locations.  These Diesel Glow Watches, however, take the illumination a step further, using that glowing material on their watches’ bands too.

Not only can you check out the time while in the middle of a packed club, your friends can find you just by looking at your wrist.  Unless, of course, 50 other guys are wearing the same thing in the same club on the same Friday night — you really should have just worn the furry bear hood, dammit!

The Diesel Glow comes in three different styles, all of them with analog dials, water resistance and similar glowing silicon wristbands.  Each piece looks very different from the others, though, so you can grab all three and put every single one of them on (your friends can’t possibly miss you now).  Two of the models, the DZ1327 and the DZ1335, feature quartz movements and 5 ATM water resistance.  The bigger DZ4195 has a chronograph movement, 10 ATM water resistance and a black ion-plated stainless steel buckle.

Pricing for the three Diesel Glow timepieces range from $79.99 to $159.99.

[Watchismo via TheAwesomer]